CSC’s IT Center for Science Ltd is a non-profit company administered by the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture. CSC provides IT support and resources for academia, research institutes and companies. CSC provides Finland's widest selection of scientific software and databases and Finland's most powerful supercomputing environment that researchers can use via the Funet network.

CSC Service areas:

Funet Services

The Finnish research and education network, Funet provides national and international high-capacity data communications connections to all higher education institutions in Finland and for 37 state research institutes and other organizations.

Information Management Services supports the national science and education policy and academic management and administration by providing IT consulting and planning and cost-effective hosting services for shared and centralized information systems.

Data Services for Science and Culture maintains and develops computer equipment and provides services to meet data storage and database needs. CSC develops operational practices and tools for long-term data archiving in cooperation with national memory organizations concerned with documenting the past.

Application Services offers a wide selection of scientific software, providing management, training and system support for the required licensing and consortia relating to them. Application Services is also responsible for maintaining and developing CSC's own software products for research needs.

Computing Services maintains and develops a high-profile computing environment to meet research needs. Computing Services offers researchers and higher education institutions expertise in scientific computing and IT consulting, including algorithm design, code optimization, and parallelization, computing projects, and acquisition of server hardware.