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CRESTA is one of six European funded exascale projects tackling the challenges of developing exascale software, applications and hardware. The six projects are hosting a Birds-of-a-Feather session at ISC'14 in Leipzig in June 2014.

Associated with this BOF, we have prepared a questionnaire to understand people's views on the challenges of creating exascale technologies. This is open to all - please go to the ISC'14 BOF questionnaire to participate.

The abstract for the BOF is below. If you are attending ISC'14 we would love to see you come along to the BOF - Tueaday 25th June at 14:15. Further details of the BOF can be found on the BOF page of the ISC web site.

The Abstract

The European path to Exascale is mainly paved by the FP7 research projects CRESTA, DEEP/DEEP-ER, EPiGRAM, EXA2CT, Mont-Blanc, and NUMEXAS. With a total funding of €74m, these projects tackle the Exascale challenge from different angles, such as novel prototype hardware, co-design approaches, highly-scalable algorithms, and programming paradigms. Additionally, through their cross-project collaboration, they foster a vivid European Exascale community. The BoF will give an update on Europe’s progress towards Exascale and advance the discussion on the Exascale challenge. During the first half, each of the project coordinators will briefly summarise the main objectives and recent progress of each project. The second half will be dedicated to an open discussion about topics such as: the effectiveness of the presented initiatives to computing at Exascale; comparison of the European approaches to that of other countries; future directions of Exascale research and potential collaborations.


Over the course of the project CRESTA was featured in several press outlets. You can view a selection of them below.


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Advancing Applications Toward Exascale Target, focused on our ECMWF partner, HPC Wire, 11th February, 2014

Exterminating at Extreme Scale, focused on our Allinea partner, HPC Wire, 7th May, 2013

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