thumb hoover-damComputational Fluid dynamics (CFD) is widely used in the automotive, aeronautical and heavy engineering industries, as well as being a staple of the academic community. Modelling for example, advanced aerodynamics processes in cars and casing and completion tool processes for the oil and gas industry, the impact CFD is huge. The renewable energy sector is increasing looking at CFD to model, for example, the impact of both wind and tidal effects on the super-structure of off-shore wind turbines.

sunlightNuclear fusion is the process that powers the Sun and has the potential to generate plentiful and sustainable energy for the future. The decision to construct the first power-plant scale fusion reactor, ITER, in Cadarache, France has dramatically increased the need to solve the remaining technical challenges of the reactor design. 

Weather PredictionECMWF leads the world in global Numerical Weather Prediction with advanced computer observation-analysis modelling technique used to predict the weather. The comprehensive earth-system model developed at ECMWF forms the basis for all the data assimilation and forecasting activities. All the main applications required are available through one integrated computer software system (a set of computer programs mainly written in FORTRAN) called the Integrated Forecast System or IFS. 

thumb pericallosal_aneurysmThe Virtual Physiological Human initiative is a collection of European projects which undertake research in biomedical modelling and simulation of the human body. This will improve our ability to predict, diagnose and treat disease, and have a dramatic impact on the future of healthcare, the pharmaceutical and medical device industries.

ChromosomeMolecular Dynamics simulation is one the most rapidly growing methods for modelling in general, and for life science in particular. As an example, since 2009 more papers have been published annually using molecular dynamics simulations than have presented nuclear magnetic resonance studies of proteins.