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This article, written by our partners at Abo Akademi in Finland, explores the kinetic simulation code ELMFIRE for studying turbulence and transport in toroidal magnetized plasmas. 

Timm Krueger, from our partner at University College London, details in this article the use of HemeLB in computational haemodynamics using the exascale. 

This fascinating article, from our partners at ECMWF, TUD and Cray, introduces ECMWF's Intregrated Forecast System (IFS) and explains its part in the CRESTA project. 

Here you can find a list of, and links to, the publicly available deliverables which have been produced during the course of the CRESTA project.

Year 1 Deliverables

Year 2 Deliverables

Case Study: Cray XK6 System

The Cray XK6 system helps scientists accelerate research into soft matter

Simulations based around fluid dynamics offer a powerful way to study, predict and ultimately improve the behavior of “soft matter” — materials such as paints, engine lubricants and even that tub of ice cream in your freezer.  

Now, researchers are exploiting the Cray XK6TM supercomputer to accelerate their research. The system’s extreme scalability and GPU capability allows the efficient use of Ludwig at larger and larger scales.