Cray’s mission is to be the premier provider of supercomputing solutions for its customers' most challenging scientific and engineering problems. Cray systems are used to design safer vehicles, create new materials, discover life-saving drugs, predict severe weather and climate change, analyze complex data structures, safeguard national security and a host of other applications that benefit humanity by advancing the frontiers of science and engineering. Cray is headquartered in the USA and has Research and Development staff in various locations including the UK, Switzerland and Germany.

Cray is part of the CRESTA project as a technology and system supplier already providing some of the world’s largest supercomputer platforms and with an understanding of the challenges required to reach exascale performance.

Cray UK Limited serves the UK and notably the HECToR academic service. Cray UK staff provide advanced application support at the HECToR Centre of Excellence and are assigned to research projects under the European Exascale Research Initiative which is a collaboration between Cray and European partners.