mountainCRESTA: Developing techniques and solutions which address the most difficult challenges that computing at the exascale can provide.

The supercomputing community worldwide has set itself the challenge of delivering an exaflop (or a million million million calculations per second) by the end of this decade. CRESTA is committed to ensuring Europe is at the forefront of solving this worldwide challenge.

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About the Project

CRESTA brought together four of Europe’s leading supercomputing centres, with one of the world’s major equipment vendors, two of Europe’s leading programming tools providers and six application and problem owners to explore how the Exascale challenge can be met. The CRESTA project finshed at the end of 2014.

What is the Exascale?

This video explains what the exascale is:


 The Project

The project had two integrated strands: one focused on enabling a key set of co-design applications for exascale, the other focused on building and exploring appropriate systemware for exascale platforms.

The six co-design vehicles represented an exceptional group of applications used by European academia and industry to solve critical grand challenge issues, including: biomolecular systems, fusion energy, the virtual physiological human, numerical weather prediction and engineering.


Here are several videos discussing some the applications created and problems tackled by CRESTA:

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